ADK Emotions NY Inc has announced the much-anticipated debut of season seven of BEYBLADE BURST, “BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE” with the new series premiering on Disney XD on Monday, April 3 (3:00 p.m. EST/PST), and on Hulu on Monday, May 8 in the US.

Featuring 26 power-packed 22-minute episodes, the new animated series will roll out globally on additional regional broadcast partners and stream on YouTube after the US premieres. This promises fans a rollercoaster ride of gripping storylines and exhilarating anime action for which the BEYBLADE franchise has become globally renowned.

The stage is set for a masquerade tournament, but the Dark Prince isn’t the only belle at this ball!  Enter the mysterious and undefeated masked Blader known as ‘Quadra.’  Wielding her elemental Bey, Lightning Pandora, Quadra has conquered every foe to come her way. Meanwhile, Quadra’s brother, Pax, is busy studying the elemental powers radiating from a series of mysterious ruins nearby. Bel might be the Dark Prince, but this adventure is full of even darker secrets.

Featuring an official theme song by alt-metal band Our Last Night, the latest installment in the hit animation franchise follows the launch of brand-new products from master toy partner Hasbro. Taking innovation to a new level, the now available BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE Thunder Edge Battle Set unleashes the energy of QuadStrike, enhancing 4-in-1 top customisation with elevated Armor Tips designed for a fiercer, more intense battle. Players can configure the top in four separate ways, giving four modes to strategize, customise, battle and win. Bladers can build the best configuration, rise to the fundamental challenge, and overpower opponents to take the Beymaster title. Players can extend the BEYBLADE experience beyond the battle set and series by scanning a code on BEYBLADE BURST tops to unlock them and mix and match with other components in the BEYBLADE BURST app. Scanning the code on the BEYBLADE BURST Beystadiums also leads to virtual battles in an epic stadium atmosphere in the app.

An ADK Emotions representative commented: “Once again, our animation partners have blown us away. The latest series delivers all the thrills and spills that fans love and is set to drive engagement with the franchise on a global scale. Through our anime content, our fan-favourite tournaments and live events, our merchandising and licensing program and our digital and social activations, we are continuing to deepen the connection of fans with the brand and make the BEYBLADE experience as rich as possible.”

Last year saw several big wins for the franchise, including the launch of the BEYBLADE BURST official TikTok channel and a well-received collaboration with WWE. With the rollout of BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE, the positive momentum is set to continue in 2023.

Learn more about BEYBLADE at and purchase the BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE items available at a major retailer near you. More information on Season 7 of BEYBLADE BURST, “BEYBLADE BURST QUADSTRIKE” can be found at

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