SUNRIGHTS INC. (“SUNRIGHTS”), the U.S. subsidiary of d-rights Inc. (“d-rights”) has announced a new trade name, ADK Emotions NY Inc., effective October 1, 2019.


This follows the announcement in Japan of a merger between d-rights, a Tokyo-based production and management company specializing in animation IP, and ADK Emotions Inc. (“ADK Emotions”), a Tokyo-based content and rights management company and subsidiary of ADK Holdings Inc., also effective October 1, 2019.



ADK Emotions was established in January 2019 as part of its parent advertising company ASATSU-DK Inc.’s (“ADK”) transition to a holding company, ADK Holdings Inc. Since then, ADK Emotions has assumed much of ADK’s contents business, taking on a more independent role with a greater degree of specialization while expanding its business operations with special regard to original IP creation, overseas development, and new digital ventures. The merger is a cornerstone of ADK Emotions’ strategy to accelerate the global growth of its contents business, employing the industry know-how of d-rights and SUNRIGHTS.


Prior to restructuring, ADK acquired a 51% stake in d-rights in 2014 before converting it into a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2018. As a subsidiary, d-rights produces a wide range of content, handling everything from project planning to the production of original characters, cartoons, video games, online content, and more. New York-based SUNRIGHTS serves the American and European markets with a primary focus on the popular BEYBLADE franchise.


ADK Emotions NY Inc. will operate under new management, with Shuji “Shawn” Wada (President & CEO) and Daichi “David” Wakabayashi (COO) overseeing the continued success of BEYBLADE BURST as well as growing new and exciting additions to their library.


For inquiries, please contact:
ADK Emotions NY Inc. (currently operating as SUNRIGHTS Inc) at +1 646-284-9801 or

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